Sian's Purple Therapy

Testimonial 12 – counselling

I first started therapy with Sian a year ago when my anxiety triggered really bad again and my panic attacks came back with full force.

I had been abused as a child and was facing a court case later that year and needed to find ways to cope, along with the recent death of a very close family member. Sian helped me find ways to build up my confidence again and help me through a very tough time. After the court case was over, I started on EMDR therapy, and this has now allowed me to put my trauma in the past and finally start to live my life.

I’ve just had my very first January, happy and stronger than ever, thanks to her help. I also have a stronger relationship with myself with clear boundaries and can have a healthy relationship without feeling bad for putting myself first. I would highly recommend her 5-star service.

Thank you, Sian your therapy really changed my life 🙂