Sian's Purple Therapy

Testimonial 14 – counselling

I am a 60 year old man, and before I sought help from Sian at Sian’s Purple Therapy I had been struggling with my mental health for many years.  I had never tried to seek help before.  I had held down jobs throughout my working life, and done fairly well, and I think I was embarrassed that I… Continue reading Testimonial 14 – counselling

Testimonial 13 – counselling

I first reached out to Sian in the middle of the night when I was at a really low point and I do not regret it! Sian made me feel at ease from the first time I met her and was able to empathise with my struggles. She tailored the treatment to my needs and… Continue reading Testimonial 13 – counselling

Testimonial 12 – counselling

I first started therapy with Sian a year ago when my anxiety triggered really bad again and my panic attacks came back with full force. I had been abused as a child and was facing a court case later that year and needed to find ways to cope, along with the recent death of a… Continue reading Testimonial 12 – counselling

Testimonial 12 – counselling

I would highly recommend Sian to everyone. She is very knowledgeable and caring and has helped me to work through and process my issues in an open and non judgmental space. Sian has taught me coping strategies which I still use and I found the EMDR therapy very effective as I felt safe to open… Continue reading Testimonial 12 – counselling

Testimonial 11 – counselling

I experienced bullying and harassment at my previous job which had a negative impact on my mental and physical health. I attended counselling with Sian and she put me at ease as soon as I met her and for the first time I could speak about my experiences without worrying about retribution or judgment. She… Continue reading Testimonial 11 – counselling

Testimonial 10

Deciding to book in for therapy with Sian is one of the best things I have ever done for my mental health. I found it easy to open up to Sian, and she’s helped me to a point where I don’t need her anymore! Her approach to helping me was just what I needed. There… Continue reading Testimonial 10

test 9

I went to Sian regarding a general lack in self-confidence and fear of public speaking. I had a number of failed promotion opportunities which involved my two biggest fears: a presentation, and question and answers. I dreaded the process. It would leave me physically sick and anxious. I began researching hypnotherapy and stumbled across a… Continue reading test 9

test 8

Having hypnotherapy for my fear of flying has taken away the fear. I am often going away now. This confidence to fly has given me more flexibility and I feel so much more relaxed. I even flew on my own this year, which is a great accomplishment and something I would never have considered previously.

test 7

Thanks to the amazing Sian, not only am I enjoying a glass of wine in London, but I am doing it alone. I never thought I would see this day!

test 6

I suffered a lot of trauma in my childhood. It stuck with me for 30 years. I met Sian and she just felt right. She created a safe space. There was no judgment. EMDR was very thought-provoking. I’ve gone through a whole EMDR process and feel so much better for it. I am no longer… Continue reading test 6